Welcome to Moral clan. Moral clan is founded by Kade and John (cloudedtea) & (pedobear)Moral is a all pro clan. However we do accept new players they will just not be members or included in wars or any other clan activites until they are trained and can beet a co-leader in the adminastration. My hopes for this clan is that it stays active and has loyal members and becomes one of the greatest clan out there. This isnt a easy task though, this clan will have to demonstrate constant effort and have good players, who wont give up. So if thats not what your about then i don't know why you bother. This is a NON-hacking clan if we catch you hacking you will be banned. Moral clan is always open for tryouts just ask a member of the clan or go to Flat World There the'll likely be a tryout ready.


Thank you for visiting our site make sure and follow our rules...

1.Respect everyone

2.Dont talk down to people

3.Dont hack

4.and dont waste all your time on this game...

5. "Let Your Skill Do The Talking"

Enjoy :]


Tryouts will be allude, in fact its recomended. First you will have to ask a higher ranked member that has permission from the leaders or co-leaders. Or just simply ask one of the leaders.

1. you will be tryed out in either 1 v 1 or 2 v 2 in a war like situation

2. you will be asked to sign the geustbook and go to the chat box if you come back the next day and are active you will get mod


1. no abuseing rank or pisition in xat.

2. be loyal to the clan and try to be active.

Thank you =]


War Record/News!




4/1/10 ~ Moral clan was started. - Kade

3/28/10 ~ e.f.f was recruited

3/28/10 ~ b8b8b8b.. was recruited

3/28/10 ~ compton was recruited

3/28/10 ~ infrangible was recruited

3/28/10 ~ aceofclubs was recruited

^ by kade

3/28/10 ~ Stylo clan was defeated 1-1 2/3 no show on next war date ~ b8b

3/28/10 ~ ...,Plazma.King,... was recruited

3/28/10 ~ josh was recruited

^ by b8b

3/30/10 ~ body builder clan was defeated do to haxoring - kade

3/31/10 ~ legendz clan was defeated in 1v1 1 round by p





 ~ syke ~


 ~ legend

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 ~ Plaz ~

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