This rank 6 almost 7 is a HUGE contribute to Moral clan. Although his main account got hacked he still out there owning and i maneged to get him to help me with my clan. this pro is ahhhhmazing at corners, ownz at pods, and has some of the best aim i ever seen. The best part is i can trust him which i really like. hes loyal and active. thank you ~ leader


This outstanding SA;B player is one of the best i've ever seen he plretty much owns everywhere but especialy likes xgen hq and uses glock but dont get him wrong he will own you. hes rank 7 but plays as if hes rank 11 i was shocked. im happy that youre apart of this clan. nice to have you :D. ~ leader


compton is a rank 10 ftw SA;B player. He ownz with glock and shotgun. Again one of the best players i've seen in the game. Hes been around for awhile i remember playing him in SA and he still owned back then and hes makeing a comeback with his new .,.,compton,.,. account. this great SA/SA;B player is a great contribute to Moral clan. ~ co-leader


This rank 7 pro is a up comeing top 100 players type person im glad to have you in the clan he never backs down from a fight and im happy to have you as apart of this clan haha      ~ co leader